Hazton Practice Progress Report

Hazton practices have been developed simultaneously in several location to promote the system with respective stakeholders.

Report of Hazton development in IPB university, Agronomy Department:

Nganjuk – estimated need of help with 900 kg of seeds, seedling plan for November 2010.
Agam (Sumbar), 3 locations @ 0.5 ha in Nagari Salareh Aia, Kec. Palembayan, Kab. Agam, plan for the July 2020 seedlings.
Bogor, Kelurahan Mulyaharja, 1200 m2, planned for seedlings in August 2020.
Garut, Padamukti Village (Sukaresmi), 100 m2 with 28 cm x 28 cm (without Legowo).
Cianjur, the location of the Darul Zam Zam boarding school near Mount Padang 1500 m2. Starting in seedlings August 2020.
Cianjur, Ksatriya Bangsa School Location, Cipanas, 1000 m2, planned for the August 2020 seedlings.

🇮🇩 Hazton untuk Indonesia 🇮🇩

Location of sample: Garut, West Java. Padamukti Village [Sukaresmi] Garut, 350 m2 with 28 cm x 28 cm [without legowo]
The difference between conventional [left] and hazton technique [right]